The down-and-out actor who started making £10,000 cash a month within in 2 months of getting started using Rick's system. Richard Shepherd
*Individual results may vary
In 1995 Simon was a student night club promoter and after attending many of Rick's seminars is now one of the UK's best-known Property Millionaires! Simon Zutshi
*Individual results may vary
This former IT consultant turned property entrepreneur became Rick's first UK and 2003 gave up his JOB after using Rick's Deposit Builder cash flow system. David Lee
*Individual results may vary
Sarah was a "corporate slave" with £30,000 of personal debt... now she's completed 132 successful property deals and has a portfolio worth £18.3 million thanks to Rick's strategies. She also recently bought her dream home Sarah Barrett
*Individual results may vary
Ben was already an active property investor when he attended Rick's conference in 2009, but since then has EXPLODED his portfolio by using every strategy Rick teaches to devastating effect! Ben Rogers
*Individual results may vary
Glenn Armstrong who recently appeared in channel 4's TV show How the Other Half Live is a property millionaire who has participated in Rick's 2009 and 2010 training seminars Glen Armstrong
*Individual results may vary
This single parent is bringing up 2 children on her own. Rick's strategies have given back to she and her family, freedom, time and happiness. Now that easy finance has dries up, Rick's system and strategies are perfect for today. Reena averages £43,000 cash flow per transaction using rick's strategies. Reena Malra
*Individual results may vary

This conference is an absolute MUST for anyone who's an active investor in UK property.

In fact, over these 3 days I'll show you some of the newest and most cutting-edge techniques that are working RIGHT NOW in the UK property market.

This 3-day Property investment extravaganza is GUARANTEED to totally blow your mind and teach you more strategies, techniques and systems for investing in property in 2014 than you've ever heard before!

You get three days of Rick Otton. Raw and unplugged. No "guest" speakers. No Pitching. Just cutting-edge investment strategies you can take away and use immediately to buy a house without needing a bank loan, a mortgage or invest ANY of your own money!
  • ANYONE can use Rick's easy-to-copy system to cash-in and make £250,000 while the economy continues to crash in 2014.
  • Plus... this is the ONLY property conference where you'll see leading UK property "gurus" in the audience - furiously taking notes! (many of the "big names" mentioned in this page have already secured their tickets)
  • ...And it's also the only place you can hear this message from Rick DIRECTLY - and discover how to apply his proven system to boost the profits of your property business in 2012.
From the desk of Rick Otton
New South Wales, Australia
Dear Friend,

My name is Rick Otton, and 21 years ago, I bought my first property with no cash invested.

At the time I was living in Dallas, Texas, and we were right in the middle of the savings and loans crisis. The USA banking system had completely collapsed, so getting a mortgage was impossible.

I had to get creative.

So after studying the "ordinary" process of buying a property - at length - I found some loopholes and created a series of systems strategies and processes which meant literally ANYONE could buy a property without a bank loan, a mortgage, or any cash to invest whatsoever!

I was excited about this breakthrough discovery and I successfully bought 76 properties in the 12 months that followed.

Now, I understand that to most people, that might sound impossible, but let me tell you something...

We're told that buying a property has to be a long, drawn out process lasting weeks, or even months.
Not true.

Think about it...

If it was true, how on earth would I have been able to buy 76 properties in 12 months?

Using my "24 hour deal-closing system" - many of my students buy 5-10 properties a year in their spare time - just take a look at some of their stories on this page!

We're also told that we have to invest a lot of CASH when we buy a property. Again, not true.

The majority of the 300+ houses I've bought have needed little of my own cash to do the deal!

Now, I know all this may sound too good to be true,but one thing you'll notice is this page is packed with PROOF!

Because not only have I bought over 300 properties of my own, but I've also trained and mentored some of the world's most successful investors - many of whom you've probably heard of...

*More proof to follow!

Many of these success stories occurred as a direct result of attending one of my conferences - and the ZERO DEBT CASHFLOW CREATION BOOTCAMP promises to be my BEST event yet!

Here's why...

Over the last few months I've been listening to all your thoughts, ideas, and feedback, about what YOU think would make this conference even better than my previous events.

So here are the changes you've asked me for:

"Rick is really the world expert on property options so he is the best person to learn from. He is also a great teacher and mentor."

Simon Zutshi

MORE RICK TEACHING: You've said you want less guest speakers and even more strategies and tactics directly from me that you can go away and use immediately.

So, even though I believe it's important to get a broad base of knowledge from many different sources, I've decided to cut all other speakers from the schedule so you'll just get the very best information I have to offer... for three days straight!

MORE DEMONSTRATIONS OF REAL DEALS: You also said you wanted me to show more examples of real-life deals myself and my clients have done using my system. So there will be TWO sessions over the course of the weekend dedicated purely to showing you recent and highly-profitable deals we've done.

ALL THE INFORMATION YOU WANT: In our recent survey we learned that you want even more help with generating leads and finding deals. So at this year's Zero Debt Property Cashflow BootCamp I'll be delivering a series of custom-designed sessions on this very subject! (see full details further down the page).

HANDHOLDING AND SUPPORT POST-EVENT: Another thing you asked for is more support AFTER the conference, including access to UK-based solicitors who are familiar with my techniques, and a way to ask questions and have your hand held through your first deals.

One of the things that makes my conferences so unique is the huge amount of experience and ideas the attendees bring with them. As I've already shared, many of the UK's leading property experts regularly attend my events.

Of course, when these experts come, they want the newest, most advanced strategies to use in their businesses. However, many of the beginners just want to know where to start and how to do their first deal.

So at this year's conference we'll be running specific sessions for ACTIVE Investors, so you can be sure to get exactly what you came for!

Before I go any further, let me answer the most common question I get asked...

By the time you leave I guarantee you'll know exactly where to generate leads and find deals and have everything you need in order to make £250,000 in 2014.

My unique property strategies are PERFECT for today's economy, because everyone is trying to hammer down the seller by as much as possible in order to appease the default banking application system.

This' purchasing technique allows buyers and sellers to negotiate so the seller doesn't have to give up a fortune in capital loss, and the investor doesn't have all those extra costs, which was often a major reason for needing such a big discount.

Essentially - as an investor - you're just the middleman, controlling the asset rather than owning it. In many ways you're simply putting yourself in the shoes of the owner without having to take on any of the downside risk.

That's right.

No bank mortgage.

No borrowing equity from an existing property.

No stamp duty.

No saving for a deposit.

No liability.

AND you don't take on all the burdens property investors normally have to lug around! You can rent the property at a profit, sell it and collect a healthy lump sum, or keep the property.

Whichever way you do it, you'll make money without ever having to visit the bank.

And using this system is a real WIN:WIN:WIN!

Sellers love it because their problems get solved fast and they get more money for their property than anyone else will pay them.

Buyers love it because they're usually first time buyers who couldn't get a mortgage immediately, and are just relieved to finally get onto the property ladder. They're happy to pay premiums above their rent because they can see it going towards their purchase deposit.

In simple terms, the buyer is actually a tenant who has an OPTION to purchase in the future, with their rent money going towards the purchase price of the property.

And because they have an added commitment beyond that of a regular tenant, many tenant hassles become a thing of the past!

Suddenly tenants start looking after the property. They don't have to chase a mortgage and go through a myriad of red tape bureaucracy, and they have most of the benefits of home ownership until they decide to buy.

Of course, they can decide not to buy, or they can even sell the property to make a profit and their buyer's finance would pay them off.

Can you see why everybody in the property circles is raving about this incredible system?

After all, we've been through one of the biggest property booms in history where high capital growth, cash back and easy lending has been common place.

But now things have changed, the way we invest in property ALSO has to change. And that's why I'm coming over to the UK in April to share my very latest, cutting-edge investment strategies for 2014 at:

Holiday Inn Maidenhead /Windsor Venue address:
Manor Lane, Maidenhead SL6 2RA, United Kingdom

Telephone: 0871 423 4876

On Day 1 we'll be answering some of the most commonly asked questions when it comes to Rent-To-Own, including:

What Is Cash Flow Investing?

We'll kick off by finding out what your problems are and then fixing them LIVE on stage!

Clearly, if you didn't have a problem, you wouldn't be attending!

So what's yours?

Maybe you need to sell off under performing stock, raise your ongoing cash flow, pay down mortgage debt, or maybe you just want to know the best way

to get started with no money and no credit rating, etc.

Whatever your problem... we'll be solving it in the very first session of the ZERO DEBT PROPERTY CASHFLOW BOOTCAMP!

Why do so many property investors FAIL?

It's a fact that very FEW property investors are actually RICH. But that's because most of them are going about it in completely the wrong way!

Sometimes, what you KNOW can get in the way of you learning what you DON'T KNOW. So in this session we'll be wiping the slate clean and giving you a fresh perspective on how
Rent to Own can turn your fortunes around!

How Do I Sell On A Lease Option?

Next up... it's time for the secrets of lease options. The first rule to learn is... there are no rules!

However, there are a few secret ways of doing Rent to Own that work much better than others, and using them will help you avoid the many pitfalls newbies often fall into.

I'll also walk you through a 'default' case study, and show you how to put all of the pieces together when it comes to constructing the deal.

The most important thing you need to know about property is it's the people that comes before the legal paperwork, and in this session we'll be concentrating on the best way to work with people to put a deal together.

How Do I Find Tenant Buyers And Qualify Them?

I'll introduce you to my "golden rules" - taking you from the moment you first start your marketing, right through to having your tenant buyer move in.

This is where most people get it all wrong! Following these "golden rules" will save you a FORTUNE in trial and error - guessing your way through the process.

In this session I'll also teach you how to get the buyer to agree to everything you say using my back-to-basics approach to effective communication, and we'll also do role playing so you can identify what you're already doing well, what to improve on, and definitely, what not to say.

With a little practice, anyone can master this skill!

How Can I Improve My Marketing?

This is one of the most common questions I get asked, because the truth is... most marketing in the property business SUCKS! From websites to newspaper advertising, leaflets, brochures, etc...yes it may LOOK professional and glossy, but if it costs you a bucket-load of money and doesn't work... then what's the point?

This whole "effective marketing" section will go against everything you've ever been told.

I'll show you:

  • How to dramatically reduce your marketing costs the more you do Rent to Own
  • Why I never waste my time on home viewings where half the time no one shows up!
  • How to create a marketing system that runs on autopilot, and how you should be running your business too. The thing you need to remember is... you're not in the "showing houses" business (like everyone else) you're in the "selling houses" business!
  • How to create SIGNS that attract attention and get your phone ringing off the hook!
Now... just imagine you have 24 hours to sell your house. How are you going to do it? What can you do that will make you stand out from everyone else to get things happening?

The truth is, you should be selling in days, not months!

But how long does it take the average sale to be completed doing things the conventional way?

Once I've shared by proven marketing strategies you'll be put to the test to come up with your very own effective marketing campaign!

How Do I Avoid Tenants Trashing My Lovely Newly-Renovated House?

Good question.

Problem tenants is probably one of the biggest complaints I hear from investors.

But I do renovations too, except it's not me that does it.

My tenant-buyers are jumping out of their skin to do all the hard work FOR ME - and it's all on their time and cost!

Find out how you can live the lifestyle you want instead of suffering from 'death by council' and also I'll show you how to sell what I call a 'handyman special'.

How Do I Deal With Solicitors And Estate Agents?

I'll show you how to approach estate agents, and how to work with estate agents can be another avenue for selling on Rent to Own. Already many of my students are using agents to qualify their tenant-buyers, saving you LOADS of time and effort yourself!


You'll find out how to get solicitors to work on your behalf and how to pre-empt any objections from your buyer's solicitor before they arise, as well as loads of tips for "getting a deal over the line". For this section I've also invited a legal expert to come along and explain how a solicitor's mind works, so you can be in the best position to influence them.

These guys REALLY know what they're talking about when it comes to using my strategies to invest in UK property. They have ALL built multi-million-pound portfolios using my methods, and at the ZERO DEBT PROPERTY CASHFLOW BOOTCAMP you'll be able to meet them personally and find out exactly HOW they achieved such huge success in a very short space of time!

We'll wrap up Day 1 with a Q&A section with Rick and the "Big Kahunas".

Everything that's been covered during day one will be reviewed and it's your chance to interrogate anyone and everyone on whatever is still nagging you or what you think needs further clarification. Nobody leaves until all of your questions get answered!

Real Life Examples

You'll be hearing from real people that have done it themselves, and they'll confirm that this powerful strategy is much simpler than the traditional way of buying property.

Sourcing Tips

I'll then tell you how to deal with estate agents and what to say to them to get deals that others can't. More than that, I'll reveal how I explain this to the sellers in simple terms they understand.

Objection Handling

Just like understanding all the common selling objections, once you know the buying objections as well you will diffuse most of them without using up much time, cost and energy.

you'll also get the exact steps you need to take to give you the exact outcome you are looking for.

"Rick shows you how to think outside the box and create strategies that are a win/win for everybody involved in the deal"

Sean baker

This is why you can't afford to get the information in a piecemeal approach. Are you working with the right seller? How will you know? Rick makes sure that you're not wasting your time and you don't commit yourself to a deal that will never happen.


What paperwork you need, when to use it, and who needs to complete what? As a transaction engineer, you need to know your exit strategy. Do you have one? Do you plan to either 1) sell the house, 2) rent it out, or 3) sell it on Rent to Own? Could you sell it tomorrow and still not lose money? All this is critical information you need to know.

PLUS loads of other tips and strategies like:

  • How to kick-start your property business in 2014!
  • Step-by-step instructions for doing your very first deal
  • How to release people caught in the negative equity trap - and make a profit for yourself
  • Secret tips and strategies for removing the normal hassles of being a landlord, such as rent collection and damage to your property
  • How to CONTROL a property without owning it - just like some of the world's richest investors
  • Effective advertising strategies for finding motivated sellers and hungry buyers (in this section I'll even SHOW YOU our best performing ads for you to COPY!)
  • How to find and approach sellers who are motivated to work with you
  • How to get paid THREE TIMES on every deal... get a chunk of money up front, enjoy the stability of guaranteed cashflow month after month, and finally create a big payday at the back-end!
  • Identifying HUNGRY tenant buyers who are desperate to work with you - if people want to buy a house but can't get a mortgage or a deposit - YOU could be the answer to their prayers!
  • TONS of real-life examples of deals our previous students have done, including how they source deals, found tenants/buyers, and closed the deal
Purchase Options

We'll be analysing and working through a complete purchase option deal without mortgage brokers or paying stamp duty! You could be a home buyer that wants to live in the house that you can't get the traditional way. You could also be an investor, perhaps with your own credit history problems, and you still want to invest?

Negotiation Tactics

Let me ask you something...

Don't you think that if you explain this in the wrong way that all you will do is cause confusion?

You can kill deals in an instant without having this mission-critical part of the equation under your belt.

It's all about the words that come out of your mouth that will make all the difference to the result you want.

First I'll tell you EXACTLY how to explain the process to others, and then you'll practice doing it in a role play exercise.

The BIG Mistakes...

I believe you should keep things simple. Many so-called Property "experts" get themselves into hot water by doing things that should best be left alone - The truth is you really can't afford to be making this up on a whim and I'll show you how to avoid the most common Rent-To-Buy mistakes.

Managing Agents

I have a firm opinion on the best way for you to use managing agents,and at the ZERO DEBT PROPERTY CASHFLOW BOOTCAMP you can meet a representative from the UK letting agency I personally recommend to explain - in detail - the benefits of using an agent.

And Finally...Where To Start!

Have you ever felt fried from information overload?

Of course you have!

At the end of most other seminars your brain is full of information and questions like:

Where are you going to start? Should I find a house first? Should I find a buyer first? What is the right price to buy or to sell at?

What you need is a plan of action for you to get started the day you leave.

So, I'll give you a step-by-step plan of action, outlining EXACTLY what you need to do when you leave the conference. You'll be given a road map of small steps to get you moving forward.

To finish up you'll be able to network with other Rent to Own investors that understand and have used the entire process, and of course you'll have the chance to "grill" Rick and the Big Kahunas!

Rent to Own is just ONE of many strategies you can use to generate income form property and over the last 12 months I've been developing NEW strategies and systems that I've NEVER revealed here in the UK!

It's critically important that you stay up to date with the latest trends, changes and updates for buying no money down property.

And on Day 3 I'll be showing you EVERYTHING you need to know about using the most effective and profitable systems for 2014, including:

  • The 'Some Now Some Later' strategy
  • The 10/10 rule
  • The 'Buddy' system
  • 2/1 Buydowns, and...
  • Deposit Builder
Here's what you'll learn:

  • Using Deposit Builder to bank BIG profits (one of our students used this technique to make £93,705 profit on a property worth just £170,000!)
  • The "magic phrase" you MUST use when talking to vendors to open their mind and make a deal TEN TIMES more likely!
  • THREE reasons why a seller will finance YOU into their property..
  • And TWO proven ways to do it!
  • The question I ALWAYS ask people on the phone to guarantee I find the RIGHT potential buyer
  • How to sell property WITHOUT dropping the price - even in today's market! (this one secret could be worth literally THOUSANDS of pounds to you)
  • Discover a secret way to turn your negative-equity property into a positive-equity cash-machine! I'll even show you actual figures and examples using Deposit Builder.
  • 7 proven ways to make Deposit Builder simply irresistible to ANY Tenant or Buyer...without lowering the price or monthly repayment or rent
  • How I get sellers to agree to 'vendor financing' in a heartbeat... You're not going to believe how easy this is - I'll even tell you WHAT to say to have the seller agreeing to your every word in no time at all!
  • How to know whether to sell with an Deposit Builder or a Rent-To-Own (it's important you know the difference, but either way you can make someone's home ownership dreams come true, while making a great income for yourself!)
  • How to find out quickly and easily whether a potential buyer will be able to afford the weekly repayments (this is quick to do and doesn't embarrass you or the buyer - I'll even give you the word-for-word script I use)
  • Everything you need to know about special contract clauses (these could save you from having to pay loads of unnecessary costs which could wreck your profits)

you'll also witness REAL PEOPLE ... not presenters... grilled LIVE on stage about their experiences in buying UK property with Deposit Builder.

I've asked both experts and beginners to come along and share their secrets... so you really can see that ANYONE can do this!

You're going to get It straight from the horse's mouth-the good, the bad, and the ugly - when it comes to using Deposit Builder in the UK (without doubt, this information is worth tens of thousands of pounds because of the inside secrets and absolute gems of advice you'll get. I just wish I had this down-to-earth knowledge when I started out!)

As you can see, I've done my absolute best to make sure this event delivers for both beginners and experienced property investors.

You clearly don't need to be a genius to realize that things are changing RAPIDLY in the property industry.

House prices have plummeted. High-quality BMV deals are much harder to come by. Banks aren't lending.

For many, 2014 promises to be the worst of times for homeowners and most property investors.

But for some - including me and my students who are in the know- 2014 promises to be one of the most profitable years EVER!

Put simply, if you want to be in the small percentage of investors who actually make money in 2014, you MUST be at the ZERO DEBT CASHFLOW CREATION BOOTCAMP.


IT DOESN'T MATTER if house prices are falling

IT DOESN'T MATTER if the banks aren't lending

IT DOESN'T MATTER if there are less BMV deals available

These factors only matter if You're doing things the OLD way. Providing you use NEW and effective tactics to invest, it's EASY to side-step these issues and cash-in!

So now you know what this Conference is all about, let's cut to the chase...

If you've got this far, I'm going to assume You're interested in joining me and many of the UK's most successful investors at the ZERO DEBT PROPERTY CASHFLOW BOOTCAMP.

So all you really want to know is "how much does it cost?"

As you can see, when you attend this event you'll be getting my step-by-step blueprint for Buying a House with little money down, and also learning advanced tactics like Deposit Builder, which could potentially be worth HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of pounds to you.

In fact...

I firmly believe that any active investor who can follow simple instructions and is willing to put in a bit of work could easily make £250,000 using these strategies in the next 12 months.

But not only that, remember my methods also afford you the TIME FREEDOM to take plenty of holidays, enjoy days off with your family, and basically have a well-rounded and fulfilled life!

So let me ask you an important question...

What would all that be worth to you? I mean, if you truly created the property business of your dreams, helping others, earning upwards of £250,000 a year, for as many years as you chose to continue doing it?






Well, you can relax because You're not going to have to invest tens of thousands of pounds in attending this conference. (even though it'd be worth every penny!)

A couple of things you should be aware of......

Firstly, the last 3 UK Conferences I've hosted completely SOLD OUT in 2013 and I expect this one to be no different, since I'll be revealing my very latest and most powerful strategies......

So clearly, you can't afford to wait around.....

Tickets for this year's Conference are just £997, and You're also covered by my 100% Money Back Guarantee (see below for full details)

Think about it.......

Just ONE idea from this Conference put into practice will more than cover your investment, there are dozens upon dozens of people in the UK waiting for you to help them RIGHT NOW!

But Be Warned...

This Conference is only for people serious about helping people and making money from property. It's NOT for people just 'curious' or 'kind of interested'. I only want people who are 100% committed to attend.

And if the timing's poor... sorry, but tough!

Opportunity does not knock at your convenience. In fact, it usually comes around at the most inconvenient times, almost daring you to rise to the occasion.

And frankly, if the fee to participate is not 'pocket change' for you, that should COMPEL you to attend, not stop you.

If you question whether or not this is for you, or whether the timing is right, just let your ambition be your guide.

Now let me quickly remind you exactly what you'll be getting at the ZERO DEBT CASHFLOW CREATION BOOTCAMP:

"Rick is the very best at lease options, Deposit Builder etc-absolutely brilliant course and teacher, this is a must have!" Frances carpenter

THREE FULL DAYS of intensive training from the world's leading authority on No Money Down - Rick Otton

LIVE DEMONSTRATIONS of REAL deals myself and my students have done using these strategies

NETWORKING OPPORTUNITIES with some of the UK's best-known Property Investors

PLUS ...
When you reserve your seat you do so with ZERO RISK thanks to :

I'm so supremely confident that you'll absolutely LOVE
that if you're anything less than 100% satisfied with
the weekend, just let me know before you leave on Sunday
and I'll happily refund your attendance fee in full.
No small print. No B.S.

If you don't think it was worth every penny - and
more - I'll insist on giving you a full refund.

Rick Otton
  • If you struggle to generate leads and find deals
  • If you want to MASTER the most effective No Money Down strategies
  • If you've dreamed of financial FREEDOM for you and your family...
  • If you've dreamed of running your own £250,000 a year property business...
  • If you've dreamed of helping people, AND getting rewarded for it...
You know what you need to do.

Warm regards,

Rick Otton

P.S. Reservations are coming in quickly, so hurry while tickets are still available

P.P.S. Remember: if you attend the conference and don't think it was worth every penny, just let me know and I'll refund your investment in full.

If You Are Located In The Australia
- Be Sure To Check Out Our FREE Events In 2013-2014!